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4 Reasons To Cater Your Next Summer Event

The summer is here in New England, and that means we’re gearing up for the Salem catering season at Granfanallys! Catering is always a great option if you’re looking to create an event without the hassle of food prep. Here are some reasons why you should consider catering your next summer event. 


Kiss Your Stress Goodbye!

If you’re planning a summer event, you know the stress is real! Figuring out the date, who to invite, where to host the event – the list goes on. Catering is a great way to manage food prep and clean-up.


Save Time

No one likes wasted time, and that is especially true when planning a summer event! Save time and energy that might be spent in the kitchen. Catering allows you to move freely amongst your guests and enjoy the event you took the time to plan out.


Food Options

Food options are constantly evolving, and caterers will have all the options to please your guests. You can rely on your caterer for professional input on food items, preparation, and service!


Save Money!

Planning a budget-friendly event? Hiring a catering company can actually save you money! Your caterer can prepare the right amount of food needed for your guest list without the fear of waste during prep or clean-up. 

Up Your Event With Salem Catering – Granfannalys 

Say goodbye to stress – choose from our catering menu instead. We include a variety of vegetarian options, as well as seafood and meat-lover’s options. Make your event a huge success, and enjoy the evening with your guests! 

Ready to plan your event’s catering? Contact us today to get started! 

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