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About us

For over three decades, Granfanallys has delivered the highest quality food along with the best, most welcoming service in the Northeast. From the famous garlic knot pizza created in 1989 to our signature secret sauce, our freshly made to order recipes provide an authentic, satisfying experience like no other in the area.

Whether it's the handmade pizza dough or our sauce that you love, our chefs work hard to provide an experience that leaves our customers coming back for more. We are dedicated to you, which is why we believe that consistency is of the utmost importance. Not once in our days have we changed an ingredient. From Long Island to Vermont, and now Salem, NH, the Granfanallys brand continues to satisfy. And, regardless of where we are located, you can count on the consistent quality and taste you love - right down to our New York cheese selection! Real Authentic New York Pizza and Our Recipes Never Changes. We're not fancy, but we are gourmet - AND we are Phantom Gourmet approved. Authentic New York pizza, original recipes, and the best burger in Southern New Hampshire are found here at Granfanallys. Partnering with a favorite local butcher shop, the Granfanally Burger is a double award-winning work of art, topped with our secret sauce and, without question, one burger you won't want to miss. But don't just take our word for it. Voted the Best Burger in Southern NH 4 years in a row; our customers do the talking for us! If the day calls for a refreshing cold beer, Granfanallys has you covered there, too. We offer a unique selection of 33 craft beers on tap. More than any other local establishment. At Granfanallys you'll find New England charm and warmth and always leave satisfied. So, why go anywhere else? Stop by and visit us today to experience what others have been enjoying for decades! Excellent Food. Awesome Craft Beer. Great Company. Welcome to Granfanally's.