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Welcome! We’re So Happy to Have You!

Here at Granfanallys, there is always a lot going on. From making fresh dough to pouring the best beers in Salem, there is never a dull moment. But, lately, we are even more excited than usual. Why? Well, let us start with our brand new website that includes the introduction of the very first Granfanallys blog page!

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what in the world a blog is and how it pertains to you. Well, that is precisely why this page is here – to answer your questions. Our blog page will be filled with industry-related articles to bring you inside of our world. Yes, you will finally see what happens behind the scenes. No, we still won’t give up our famous cheesecake recipe, sorry!

Instead, we will fill your head with so much information that you’ll be sure to kill it on trivia night. We’ll provide easy at-home recipes and information on some of the best craft beers in the region.


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Granfanallys is on Facebook too!

While you’re poking around, be sure to head on over to Facebook and visit us there too! There, you’ll find the most recent happenings, mouth-watering photos, and so much more! Be sure to like us and check in regularly – you never know what we’ll be up to next!


For three decades the Granfanallys name has traveled and satisfied cravings throughout the Northeast. Now located in Salem, NH, we’re excited to bring authentic New York pizza to the area.


Did you know Granfanallys created the garlic knot pizza?


Voted New Hampshire’s favorite pizza – our family at Granfanallys can’t wait to share what thousands have already enjoyed! Visit us today at 345 North Broadway in Salem, NH, to see what all the fuss is about. From the best wings in Salem to our signature burger crafted with the owners of Tuckaway Tavern, we promise you’ll be back more!


As always, our family thanks you for the continued support and commitment in making our dream of serving up the best food in town a reality!


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354 N. Broadway, Salem, NH

Happy 4ᵗʰ of July!

Granfanallys will be closed in observation of our Nation's Birthday

Granfanallys reopens on July 5ᵗʰ, 2023