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Take Bite Out of the History of Calzones

Have you ever looked at a pizza and thought, this would be better if it were folded in half? Then you’re looking for a calzone. This variation on pizza has been around almost as long as pizza itself, and it’s just as delicious. Pizzerias and restaurants everywhere often serve both because the processes of making them are so similar. At Granfanlly’s, we have several tasty calzones on our menu that we think you should try!


What do you know about the origins of calzones? Let’s chew on some culinary history!


You’re supposed to eat them on the go.

The word “calzone” comes from the Italian word for “trousers” because they were originally made for working men to carry in their pockets. In 18th-century Naples, pizza makers sold calzones on the street to men on their way to work. They baked them as a pizza folded in half so people could eat them while they walked. Back in the day, calzones were also much smaller than they are now. Small enough to fit in a trouser pocket, in fact.


Americans sized them up.

Today, calzones in America are much bigger than they were in 18th-century Naples. Even a small calzone is usually big enough to feed two people. But that’s not the only difference. Usually, Americans make calzones with sauce inside or on the side for dipping, whether it’s marinara or the house pizza sauce. Original Italian calzones are typically filled with mozzarella and ricotta cheese and a mix of meat and vegetables.


TV may have made them more popular.

While calzones were already on the menus of plenty of restaurants, we may have a ‘90s sitcom to thank for their popularity. Seinfeld fans will remember a 1996 episode where George gets on the inside track with his boss by bringing him calzones. Some people claim that more restaurants served calzones after the episode aired. It’s also possible that people just started noticing them because they’d been featured on a popular TV show.


Your favorite restaurants are serving calzones!

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