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Salem Restaurants: The Burgers Edition

Living in New England, if you eat meat, you know a good burger from a horrible one – especially during the winter months. Let’s face it; there’s nothing like a freshly ground, handmade burger, cooked outside over an open flame. But as we know, winter challenges the cooking technique we love. That said, as one of the top Salem restaurants, our family at Granfanally’s invites you to stop in to celebrate the taste of summer with one of the best burgers in town!


This article is dedicated to the burger and the burger lovers out there that are missing summer days. Enjoy.


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Crafting the best burger in town is no easy task.

Defining what makes the best burger is a subjective matter. People have different preferences and that will never change. However, when it concerns creating the perfect burger, there is one thing that matters – no matter what your preference is. What is it? 

The quality of the ingredients is a crucial piece of the puzzle. 

The beef should always be high-quality, preferably grass-fed and ground fresh. If sourcing ingredients locally is an option, do it! Likewise, the cheese should also be good quality and preferably melted over the patty. What’s with this cold slice of cheese slapped on top of the meat fad anyway? We’ll pass on that one, thank you.

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Ingredients and a touch of experience.

No matter the quality of the ingredients, how you cook the burger can make or break the meal. Burgers should be cooked to perfection. Again, this is a topic of preference. However, whether you prefer your burger medium rare or well done, the perfect combination of spices is a must. 

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Buns Hun

No matter what, the bun should be fresh. However, toasted or untoasted is another topic of debate. Do you prefer a fresh bun that is slightly warmed, or one that is lightly toasted over the grill? Either way, all buns should also be the right size for the patty and cheese. None of that over the edge or searching for your burger inside of a ginormous bun stuff.

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Plain? No, thanks!

Finally, it’s not a burger without the toppings. However you like your burger, the toppings should be fresh and complement the meat and cheese flavors. Popular choices include lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo, and special sauces.


Perfection on a bun. Granfanally’s Burgers!

No matter what time of the year, a visit to Granfanally’s will satisfy your burger cravings! As one of the best Salem restaurants, we take pride in offering our guests the freshest, handmade options in town. Don’t forget to pair your burger with some fries and a cold draft for the ultimate dining experience! See you soon.

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