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Get Excited. It’s Almost National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

It’s true, and here at Granfanallys Pizza Pub we couldn’t be more excited! As one of the most popular Salem pizza places, our dedicated staff knows just how much our customers love pepperoni. However, it’s not just here in NH that pizza lovers opt for the gooey, slightly spicy slice of pie, it’s a favorite worldwide. National Pepperoni Pizza Day is certainly a big deal. And, because it’s such a big deal, we are dedicating this article entirely to the pepperoni pizza.



The roots of the pepperoni.

If you’re to ask someone to take their best guess at where the first pepperoni pizza was created, chances are, the answer will be somewhere in Italy. However (get ready for this) it was here in America! That said, all credit is given to the Italian immigrants who traveled to the country through the ports of New York, bringing with them many authentic delicacies.


Italian. American. Or, Italian-American?

Upon its first appearance, pepperoni was much different than how we think of it today. Based upon the Italian word ‘peperoni,’ which referred to salami that incorporated large bell peppers, the American version took on new traits.

Here, we remove the pepper and make our pepperoni from artificial casing. However, still today, an authentic Italian pepperoni holds true to its heritage. In fact, if ever traveling in Italy, don’t be surprised to never find the American version. Instead, Italian pepperoni still contains bell pepper and is created with a natural casing.

Which is better? Who is to say, but we recommend experiencing both!


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The first pepperoni pizza served.

While it took some time for the Italian salami to evolve and catch on, once it did, the rest is history. Grocery store turned pizzeria Lombardi’s is credited for the first pizza explosion in NYC. Still today, Lombardi’s is known as the ‘grandfather of all things pizza” in America.


One last fact.

According to an article written by Jennifer Hussein, 251.7 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed every year in the U.S. on pizza alone, 350 slices per second, with nearly 13% of Americans enjoying a slice on any given day. Pretty impressive numbers if you ask us!


Now that you’re filled with information for trivia night, it’s time to check out some of the best Salem pizza place, Granfanallys. With the finest, freshest ingredients, you can count on our New York pepperoni pizza to be one of the best around! But don’t just take our word for it.


Stop into Granfanallys on September 20th and celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day with us!

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