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Trivia Night? Here’s 5 Fun Facts About Chicken Wings!

If you find yourself searching for ‘wings near me’ then this article is for you! As lovers of chicken wings, our family at Granfanally’s is honoring the upcoming National Chicken Wing Day with a few fun facts sure to get your trivia night off to a good start!


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Buffalo Chicken is a customer favorite, but it was created by accident.

In a place called Anchor Bar located in (you guessed it) Buffalo, NY, the chefs received the wrong order. While they placed an order for chicken necks, the restaurant received chicken wings. Instead of causing a stink, they served them up – and, they were one of the first establishments to do so!


National Chicken Wing Day

As the originating story places us in Buffalo, NY, it seems only appropriate that National Chicken Wing Day was started there, too. In 1977, Mayor Stan Makowski proclaimed July 29th as a day to celebrate, honor, and eat chicken wings!


Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days for consuming chicken wings.

While this fun fact may come as no surprise, it is established that Americans consume nearly 1.25 billion chicken wings on this Sunday alone! However, it is also estimated that the average person eats around 90 wings alone every year. I think it’s safe to say that we love our chicken wings!


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Chicken wing eating contest – oh yes, they went there.

If you love chicken wings, how many do you think you could eat? The current record stands at 501 wings consumed in a mere 30 minutes! And if you saw the petite size of Molly Schuyler, this record gets even more impressive!


Chicken Wing Lovers Choose Ranch

You may think the most popular dipping sauce for chicken wings is buffalo sauce (or blue cheese to go with your buffalo wings), but you’d be wrong in your assumption. Instead, the most popular sauce is ranch! Paired with spicy wings or plain, this is one dipper that consumers can’t get enough of.


July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day! Where will you be?

Stop searching for ‘wings near me’ and stop by Granfanally’s! Located on North Broadway in Salem, NH, you better believe we’ll be celebrating! Remember to follow us on Facebook for the most recent specials and restaurant happenings!

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