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Did You Say Homemade Meatballs? Why Yes, We Did.

When it comes to Salem, NH, restaurants, sometimes the possibilities seem endless. However, when you’re looking for homemade goodness that you can count on, Granfanallys is your answer. Here, you’ll find an array of mouth-watering, made fresh meals that are sure to satisfy any craving. For instance, let us tantalize your senses with Marie’s homemade meatballs. Don’t worry, you can thank us later!


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The history of the meatball.

While most of us enjoy our favorite meal without a second thought, we thought we’d take it back in time with meatball. Yes, even the meatball comes with a bit of history.

However, like most foods, finding the origins of a particular meal can be tricky. With meatballs, we land in Persia where leftover meat was used to craft a dish known as Kofta. In the simplest forms, kofta is a combination of ground meat (beef, chicken, lamb, pork, or a mixture) mixed with spices and onions.

However, other rumors have it that the Ancient Romans documented a similar recipe and deserve the credit!


The possibilities are endless.

Chances are, your family has a meatball recipe that has been passed through generations. Furthermore, depending on where you live, that recipe can differ significantly from the next family. Meatballs are a worldwide cuisine enjoyed in many different cultures, thus having many different faces.

For example, the popular Swedish meatball is similar to the Italian meatball but covered in a cream sauce. When in Italy, the meatball is often fried and enjoyed as a midday snack or served without sauce at dinner. In Northern Africa, the primary ingredient is generally lamb, while in China, it is fish.


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Whether in a sub or on your pasta, Marie’s homemade meatballs take the win every time. Stop wasting time searching endlessly through Salem, NH, restaurants and stop into Granfanallys today! From meatballs to New York pizza, wings to salads, we have what your craving requires.

Visit Granfanallys today at 354 N. Broadway. We can’t wait to see you!

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