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When Life Gets Busy, Granfanallys NH Catering Can Help

As the number one pizza shop in Salem, NH, offering the freshest New York pizza in Southern New Hampshire, owner Cliff Ramunto is bringing things to the next level with Granfanallys new service offering – NH catering. Providing customers with a stress-free way to host events outside the restaurant walls, the extensive catering menu offers affordable options for every menu and budget – especially during the busy holiday season!


The story.

Since 1989 the Granfanallys brand has proudly grown to become one of the best-known locations in New England for New York pizza. Originally from Long Island, Mr. Ramunto prides himself on holding tight to tradition. From the inception of the Granfanallys name to the realization that he had a good thing going, Cliff has never once deviated from his original ingredients or recipes. Freshly sourced cheese from New York, dough and sauce handmade fresh each morning – the Granfanallys pizza is one of the most authentic, mouth-watering pizzas in the region.


The vision.

With much success, Granfanallys grew to become one of the most beloved locations in New England. With this in mind, the question arose, why stop within the pizza shop walls when Granfanallys has so much to offer? Partnering with local businesses to provide the freshest, finest quality meats, Cliff Ramunto is thrilled to extend the beloved Granfanallys menu to new heights – both in-house and outside of the shop.

From the signature Granfanallys Box Lunch to a full tray of the popular Granfanallys Steak Tip Kabobs, the options are vast, and prices are more than fair. No matter the event, starting your guests with 50 pieces of Granfanallys handmade Garlic Knots will cost a mere $28. House salad, cobb salad, ziti pesto salad, even a roasted beet salad are next in line to wow your guests as the perfect side dish. Entrees range from a full tray of baked ziti for $72 to market price grilled salmon and baked cod. Baby back ribs, steak tips, and ratatouille pasta are more delectable options. And, of course, there are plenty of dessert options to finish things off right.


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Looking for NH catering that ensures your guests are satisfied?

If you’re planning an event, put aside the stress by letting our family help you enjoy your event! Granfanallys is located at 354 North Broadway in Salem, NH. Open seven days a week, the kitchen is ready and waiting to help make your next gathering a breeze with the ultimate selection of NH catering options. Half or full-sized trays are available in endless possibilities that are sure to satisfy the crowd!

Contact Granfanallys today by calling (603) 898-4412.

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